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Sacrifice Zones, What the Left Thinks of You, Faux Adventurism, Mayor Pete, The Libertarian Party Disaster, and the Bird Flu

Doug Casey's Take [ep.#327]

In today’s episode, Doug shares details from leftist intelligentsia magazines. As you’ll see, it’s clear the left is eager to sacrifice everything you care about "for the greater good".

One concept jumped out: The cold war era idea of "Sacrifice Zones".

Sacrifice zones are areas designated low value by the elite. The idea is that by sacrificing certain areas, a country can concentrate its limited defensive resources on protecting its most vital areas, such as major population centers, key industrial regions, and, of course, political/military command posts.

At one point middle America was the sacrifice zone. Today, it seems to have expanded to all of Western Civ.

Timestamps (from YouTube)

00:00 Introduction and Historical Events

00:13 The Commercialization of Mount Everest

02:59 JFK's Birthday and Noriega's Death

04:48 US Invasions and Military History

05:22 Smedley Butler's Realizations

07:42 Scientific American and Feminization

09:03 Nuclear Weapons and Sacrifice Zones

13:49 New York Review of Books and Feminism

20:48 Climate Change and Historical Perspectives

24:44 Inside the Sausage Factory: COP26 Insights

27:53 Charging Stations and Government Inefficiency

30:49 Bird Flu and Food Supply Concerns

33:42 Libertarian Party and The our White Knight

41:09 Dueling and Honor in Society

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