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Has WW3 Already Started?

Has WW3 Already Started?

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00:00 Intro Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicaea (00:01:23) Discussion on Constantine's conversion to Christianity and the impact on the Roman Empire.

World War III and the Start Date (00:09:07) Debate on the start of World War III and its comparison to the beginning of World War II.

Ukraine Conflict and Loss of Life (00:11:06) Analysis of the Ukrainian conflict, casualty numbers, and skepticism about official reports.

Shift in European Narrative and Security Agreements (00:19:12) Observation of the change in European attitude towards Russia and the signing of security agreements with Ukraine.

Putin's Interview and Different Perspectives (00:21:08) Reflection on Putin's rationality and contrasting Western media portrayal, as well as the impact of differing worldviews.

American Administration and Possibility of War (00:23:16) Criticism of the American administration's aggressive mindset and the potential devastating consequences of war.

The potential start of World War III (00:24:09) Discussion on the potential war crimes trials and the geopolitical motivations of the West and Russia.

The changing global population dynamics (00:24:38) Insights into the potential population decline in China and its impact on global dynamics.

Remaking the world order (00:25:26) The impact of major global events such as world wars and the potential for a major shift in the world order.

Moldova's ascension into the EU and the Transnistria conflict (00:26:30) Analysis of Moldova's EU membership process and the potential conflict with the Russian-controlled Transnistria region.

Interpreting the fog of war (00:28:17) Challenges in interpreting and understanding the information and actions in the current geopolitical landscape.

Potential cyber and bio warfare threats (00:28:51) Discussion on the potential for cyber and bio warfare threats and the uncertainty surrounding their origin.

The geopolitical implications of US operations in Ukraine (00:29:28) Analysis of the geopolitical implications of US operations and bases in Ukraine and their impact on the current situation.

Doug Casey's Crisis Investing
Doug Casey's Take
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