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Gold Watches, John Steinbeck, Starbucks, Government Crackdown on Bitcoin, Antisemitism Legislation, Ukraine, Campus Protests and More

Doug Casey's Take [ep.#320]

In this podcast episode, Doug and I tackle a broad spectrum of topics, weaving together current events and historical context.

From using gold watches and jewelry for moving money internationally, to discussing John Steinbeck's writings, and examining the impact of the closure of the Groningen gas field on the Dutch economy.

We also talk about (and question) the construction of a military pier off of Gaza and its potential implications, along with a clip of Jared Bernstein discussing government borrowing and printing money.

Finally, we cover Jim Cramer grilling the CEO of Starbucks, the Government crackdown on Bitcoin, and the passing of the Antisemitism Awareness Act.

We finish up by sharing our thoughts on the decline of Western civilization and nostalgia about the past.

Chapters (for following on Youtube):

00:00 Intro

00:00:02 The Uranium Stock Picks

00:02:50 Using Gold Watches and Jewelry for Moving Money Internationally

00:07:32 The Writings of John Steinbeck

00:11:11 Impact of the Closure of the Groningen Gas Field on the Dutch Economy

00:15:31 Justification for the Construction of a Military Pier Off of Gaza

00:18:44 Clip of Jared Bernstein Discussing Government Borrowing and Printing Money

00:24:22 Jim Cramer Questioning CEO about the Decline in Comp Store Numbers at Starbucks

00:32:17 Government Crackdown on Bitcoin

00:30:21 Corporate Influence and Immigration

00:38:49 Antisemitism Legislation

00:43:09 Ukraine Suspending Consular Services to All Military-Age Men

00:46:48 Campus Protests and Organized Tactics

00:51:11 Rising Male Virginity Rates

00:52:07 The Social Dynamics

00:52:37 The Decline of Western Civilization

00:54:42 Closing Remarks

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