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Cosmic Questions

Doug Casey's Take [ep.#329]

The questions from subscribers have taken a turn to the cosmic in recent weeks.

Today we talk about altruism, personal ethics, sacrifice, civil war, World War 3, and the dust-up between the Mises Institute and Walter Block over Israel.

Plus, some practical stuff too, like expatriating to Panama, commodities, and getting ahead of the inevitable capital controls.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Timestamps (YouTube)

00:00 Introduction

00:17 Doug's Last Meal on Earth

02:26 Fighting Evil vs. Hedonism

05:29 US Civil War and World War 3

07:45 Dollar Milkshake Theory and Asset Allocation

11:50 Killdozer Day: Hero or Nutcase?

14:32 Walter Block and the Israel-Palestine Conflict

22:47 Trump's Conviction and Legal Ramifications

25:07 China, EMPs, and Strategic Patience

29:14 Libertarian Novels and Future Projects

32:09 Thoughts on India and Putin

39:36 Global Political Shifts and Abnormal Psychology

40:26 The Complex Dynamics in Niger and the Sahel

43:29 Invention Funding: Pitfalls and Strategies

47:48 Investment Strategies: Commodities, Cash, and Treasuries

52:20 Multiple Intelligences: Beyond the IQ Test

55:42 Living Fulfilled Lives Amidst Global Chaos

01:01:07 Relocation Considerations: Panama and Beyond

01:02:17 Anti-Aging and Life Extension Technologies

01:09:15 Building Sustainable Communities

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