Doug Casey's Crisis Investing
Doug Casey's Take
An Appointment With Death

An Appointment With Death

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00:00 Intro **Breakup of countries [00:00:26]** Doug Casey discusses how countries are not cohesive entities and predicts a breakup of these entities in the future.

**Saudi Arabia's political situation [00:02:31]** Doug Casey talks about the political instability in Saudi Arabia and questions whether their mega projects will work.

**Limitations of relying on political figures [00:05:03]** Doug Casey expresses his dislike for political figures and explains why it's a mistake to rely on them to solve problems.

**Rancho Santana in Nicaragua [00:07:56]** Doug Casey shares his positive opinion of Rancho Santana as a potential "plan B" location.

**Running away from evil [00:10:05]** A listener asks about the timeline for societal collapse and whether it's possible to run away from evil.

**Running from Fate [00:11:53]** Doug Casey shares a story about a man trying to run away from death and discusses the idea of running away from evil.

**Civil Unrest in the US [00:15:12]** The speakers discuss the possibility of civil unrest in the US, particularly in the suburbs, and the potential causes of such unrest.

**US Perception Globally [00:17:32]** The speakers discuss the changing perception of the US globally and the loss of moral authority.

**Origin of Casey Name [00:20:37]** Doug Casey talks about the origin of his last name, Casey, and his lack of interest in his Irish heritage.

**Harry Schultz [00:22:00]** Discussion of Doug's relationship with Harry Schultz and other departed members of the old guard.

**Best Bullion Coins [00:25:00]** Recommendations for the best bullion coins to own outside of the US, including the British sovereign and quarter ounce coins.

**Fed's Balance Sheet [00:27:01]** Doug's criticism of the Fed's economic theories and the recent increase in their balance sheet.

**Global Cultural Revolution [00:29:21]** Discussion of the worldwide spread of woke culture and leftist movements.

**Bank Fail and Bailout Scenario [00:32:01]** Speculation on whether the government is intentionally setting up a scenario for the acceptance of UBI, central bank digital currency, and other concepts.

**Living off the land [00:33:16]** Discussion on the possibility of living off the land and the drawbacks of a societal collapse.

**Stock market melt up and asset investment [00:34:32]** Discussion on the possibility of a stock market melt up and the best asset to invest in to survive a deflationary crash.

**Investment recommendations [00:35:21]** Recommendations for investing in natural gas and the volatility index, as well as small mining and oil companies.

**Living as an expat in Uruguay [00:40:20]** Discussion on the speakers' involvement in Uruguayan society and their feelings of being unmoored from American society.

**Relationship with Neighbors [00:42:22]** Matt talks about trying to be a good neighbor in Uruguay

**Moving to Uruguay [00:43:10]** Doug Casey discusses how Uruguay is attracting Europeans who want to leave Europe and mentions the increasing real estate prices in the area.

**Possibility of a Renaissance in America [00:44:07]** The speakers discuss the possibility of a cyclical renaissance in America and compare it to the decline of Rome.

**Scarcest Commodity [00:49:11]** The speakers discuss what commodity will be the scarcest this decade, with a focus on energy-related commodities.

**Potential Mussolini-like Leader [00:51:39]** The speakers discuss which country is most likely to have a leader like Mussolini, with a focus on African countries.

**Breakaway country from Western alliance to BRICS group [00:53:45]** Discussion on the possibility of a breakaway country from the Western alliance to the BRICS group, with a focus on Africa.

**Unrest in France and Macron's retirement age decision [00:54:21]** Discussion on the unrest in France and Macron's decision to raise the retirement age by two years, including his controversial $80,000 watch.

**Government pensions and political decisions [00:55:12]** Discussion on the government's role in providing pensions and the political nature of such decisions.

Doug Casey's Crisis Investing
Doug Casey's Take
Best-selling author, world-renowned speculator, and libertarian philosopher Doug Casey has garnered a well-earned reputation for his controversial insights into politics, economics, and investment markets.
Doug literally wrote the book on profiting from periods of economic turmoil. *Crisis Investing* spent weeks as #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and became the best-selling financial book of 1980.
He has been a featured guest on hundreds of radio and TV shows, including David Letterman, Merv Griffin, Charlie Rose, Phil Donahue, Regis Philbin, Maury Povich, NBC News, and CNN; has been the topic of numerous features in periodicals such as Time, Forbes, People, and the Washington Post; and is a regular keynote speaker.