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If you’re an action-oriented individual looking to thrive in the coming chaos, you might be a perfect fit for our new premium service: Doug Casey’s Phyle.

The concept of "phyles" originated from a sci-fi book by Neal Stephenson called The Diamond Age. Neal Stephenson envisioned a world in which humans would associate in groups based on shared values.

Doug Casey’s Phyle is a place for the true out of favor minority - Free thinking, clear thinking, productive people who value freedom and volunteerism.

The Phyle exists to generate solutions to the major challenges facing all of us today. All of these solutions fall under our 5 Tenets:

CHOOSE RADICAL PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY- Thriving in the challenging times ahead requires you to become the most responsible person you've ever known, to focus on the things you can control, and to intentionally choose your own path.

PROTECT & GROW YOUR CAPITAL - The Greater Depression, inflation, bank bail-ins, and CBDC's are just some of the threats to your personal capital. We must embrace strategies which protect our resources while engaging in astute speculation (a Doug Casey specialty).

DISCONNECT FROM CENTRALIZED SYSTEMS - Life has become far too centralized making modernity incredibly fragile. To increase our resilience and optionality, we must decentralize our dependency on these systems wherever possible. Prepping helps, but we need to build longer term solutions into our lives.

FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE - If we're completely reliant on a reliable single source of income, our lives can easily be turned upside down in the coming turmoil. To achieve financial independence, we look for opportunities to diversify our sources of income and reduce our expenses.

PEOPLE & COMMUNITY - Bitcoin was the most valuable asset one could hold during the 2010's. For the 2020's the most valuable asset won't be a financial asset at all. It'll be people. We must cultivate relationships and build community around us. Yes, the virtual world is important, but it's critical that we do this in the physical world. We must prioritize finding "our people". If you’re one of us, you probably know what it feels like to be an alien amongst your family and local community. You know what it feels like to be gaslight by the 'powers that be' and you know the value of connecting with like minds.

The COVID hysteria is waning, but the threats to our livelihood and freedom are only accelerating. There has never been a more important time to connect with like-minded people who value the same things you do. Learn More about the Phyle

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I'm the guy that does the podcast with Doug Casey. In a past life - Founder of Royalty Exchange, a jobs portal in the late 1990’s, an ad agency, a marketing analytics business, and several niche publishing companies. I live on a ranch in Uruguay.