Cyops, great analogy! Wisdom of the ages.

Isn't that likely the oldest sales technique in the book? (allow the customer to convince themselves it was their idea.) Better known as "gaslighting" in the political and governing realm. I see it used by our elected officials just about every day. In fact the closer, Pres.J.B. just made a few at the last bow tie dinner when he posed several questions to the attendees. I guess he forgotten where he was, again. Idk, for a minute I thought he was the entertainment but didn't find any humor in the punchlines.

Another "things that makes you go - hummm." Informative and entertaining perspective as usual.

So glad and fortunate to be a loyal subscriber to BPR.


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*And Doug Casey's Phyle & Matt Smith too!

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And we get down on our knees and pray- we don’t get fooled again!

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