"You wait till you see what a man can do to another man..." - Fury, the movie.

I remember my mother telling me of the horrors the french did to the french after WWII or what I learned was done to over a million German soldiers after the war, kept in fields with no water or food, despicable, and don't get me started about Dresden, a non military target! Bottom line is it wouldn't take much to, 'divide and rule.' Look how divisions were created just by those who would and would not bow to an injection or wear a mask for something as benign as a nasty influenza propagandized on the media beyond all proportions. Entire families divided and still to this day, I hear it all the time, even now.

Imagine a bacteriological plague released, (when covid happened I couldn't understand why this wasn't done to begin with knowing of the carnage of the 'Spanish Flu), with bloody weeping sore corpses piled high on every street corner. Would there really be anyone that would not take an alleged remedy? Could there be any division as we have seen recently?

I say all this to outline the lengths folk will go to when they and their families are faced with even an alleged threat to their health & safely, even turn against their own blood, their lives 'plagued' by tattered egos ... it wouldn't take much to convince an already deeply programmed TV watching population to do whatever you want them to do under any number of banners, self preservation being the foremost, or have we reached a time where a large portion have just had enough and want to give up, just die? I'm sure this is part of the agenda and hope of the eugenecist sorcerer's that call the shots way above the illuminati middle management, not so commonly known of as 'the seven dwarves.' We see it stiring most everywhere, especially in the shallow tech of society, tech given out like beads to the Indians where groups of betas gather to naively virtue signal themselves into irrelevance, their lost empty lives ruled by a desperate need for purpose and certainty of conviction. We've seen all this before in the last two world wars, wannabee hero's looking for a cause, conviction, a real meaning to life. More recently in the 911 inspired despicable invasions with an army made up of trailerpark lost boys & girls ... history repeats. It wouldn't take much.

The upside is I'm aware this is all as it must be in this is a time of awakening, ref Meher Babas words of awakening, and the necessary 'evil' of war that often also gives rise to this awakening in acts of selflessness difficult to replicate in times of peace. The Spiritual Heirachy have their hand firmly on the rudder and I'm sure the 'dwarves' know this, to their great chagrin, they must realize this is orchestrated from 'Pon High', really out of even Their control. Even they to, as opposition to all that is good and true, play their part in this awakening.

That's my 2c worth!

Thank you Matt and Doug for your conversations.

Joy to the World.

☘ Tipperary Mtns


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I like the way you think Rick but I am afraid They would hire morons to fight for them. I would hate to have to guess if someone was my side or the others as I walked down the street.

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A new civil war. It should last less than a week. The liberals could not not find a man with the stones to fight for 10 minutes. As soon as their buddies start dropping their whole view of the world will change. A party of girlie men. No clue to what goes on outside of their concrete jungle. Can you sing? "A country boy can survive"

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