Hi Matt,

Mr. Diesel’s desire to use biodiesel perhaps got him tossed into the ocean?

Ford built a car body out of hemp, the chemical companies pushing Dacron like products pushed the reefer madness narrative and eliminated one of the best plants for a variety of purposes. Always follow the money.


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I'm pretty sure his death was faked and he worked for British intelligence/military to deliver huge tech upgrades to UK ships and subs during WW1

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When you brought up Rudolph Diesel being a contemporary of Edison I remembered some research on 'Proof of Work' currencies I had done a few years back. I came across an article from December 6 1921 in The New York Times titled 'Ford Sees Wealth in Muscle Shoals' with a subtitle of 'Edison Backs him up'. A bit of a divergence but it exemplifies the genius of Ford & Edison along with Diesel.


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Some other phenomena is at work besides the widespread adoption of oil in the late 19th and early 20th century. I remember attending a traveling Smithsonian Institution exhibit some years ago. The show included a replica of the original Wright brothers aircraft and a Gemini space capsule. It was amazing to think that only 60 years separated the use of the two craft. We went from being barely able to fly to landing on the moon in a relative blink of the eye. Sadly, much of technology advances today has been subverted or twisted for misguided political purposes.

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An Answer from a different direction!

It is the development of the internet over the last 30 years or so that will save the world!

We would now be on our way to a high tech feudal system & not even know it,if not for the internet.We were never really free before that because the average citizen who voted could never get real information. Real info with which to form opinions as to whom to vote for!

All that was available to the average individual was cartoon strip narratives posing as facts!

As a former newspaper reporter,Mark Twain said

"If you don't read the daily newspaper you will be uninformed.

If you you do read the newspaper you will be misinformed'

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GDP as a proxy for "modern behavior?" I think that's his problem. If you use GDP as the "proxy" for what it really measures -- productivity -- then it's obvious that oil (or, simply, energy) is the answer, and why nuclear is the next step in this evolution.

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The Old " Evolution paradigm" Ancient equals primitive!

In reality we cannot explain many things that are ancient. Instead with today's technology we babble Incoherently about space aliens.

A whole lot of assumptions going on here.

Many of us come from the perspective that man was Created in his Highest form. And we have devolved but Access to energy through oil has allowed Information to compound and cause some profound advances technologically. But certainly not on the moral plain.

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If I understand the spirit of the post, it's my understanding that the author is, in an indirect way, challenging the orthodoxy and dogmatic historical views we've all been force fed about mankind's cultural origins and social evolution from simple hunter gatherers into complex civilizations with currency, systems of governance, trade, etc, all in the space of a handful of centuries, with not a trace of intermediate iterations between neolithic cave men and the dynastic Egyptians.

If you really wish to befuddle such people, ask them to define their definition of "modern behavior".

Is "modern behavior", to such people, measured in hours of time spent gawking at TikTok? Would they consider expanding their wonderment of human achievement to include:

- masterpieces of art, statues and diverse other works, fashioned from substrate of stone (granite, etc) that seem to have been produced during a period in human history when we were allegedly using bronze chisels and rock hammers to create pieces that are utterly perfect, blemish free, no signs of nicks, carvings, cuts, and today would require nothing short of lasers and sophisticated computer software, CAD, and so on, to manufacture. I submit the granite "sarcophagus" of the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Giza, along with many hundreds of other artifacts, statues and sculptures dated back to the dynastic period of Egypt and before.

- great feats of excavation and architecture, with such degrees of precision and mathematical perfection in its construction, that today, our "modern behavior" *STILL* doesn't possess the necessary tools and machinery to design, align, stage, and build. There are almost too many pyramids, monuments, temples and so on to name.

- ancient works of text and artwork attributed to the Sumerians that map out and describe, in amazing detail according to position, color and orbit, the celestial bodies in our solar system, *thousands* of years before the first telescope was built.

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The tragedy that our "modern behavior" and retrograde educational system have produced people that lack the critical thinking skills to point out inconsistencies in our history and origin stories that defy explanation. How we've entered a paradoxical time in which parlor tricks of "technology" and depiction of slapstick human idioocracy on a tiny matrix of pixels in video screen are considered "modern" in relation to the great and mysterious, and worse BURIED AND CONCEALED, chef d'ouevres of art, science, architecture that our ancient ancestors produced, and the great thinking and spiritual mindset that surely accompanied these works.

But hey, I'm going to watch some back episodes of Big Brother. Catch you in a few.

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The term has been called Ludenism. Folks that want to stop progress because it could take their jobs. Eventually they die off.

We are promised nothing in our lives. I know that I am blessed by our forefathers because I have everything. People are trying to ruin the party.

My plan is to get off the North American continent before it gets too hot. I am talking kelvin.

By the way, Argentina has it all in the way of commodities. Wealthy do live in the north side of the city and the province.

I do not follow social media. I watch your utube channel. Happy new year!

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Muh buggy whips!!!

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'Rudolph diesel daddy cool' as the guys from Donut Media call him. Ironic that he effectively helped achieved globalisation yet the globalists now denounce diesel. No sign of any ships running on solar or wind yet.

I was very happy with my gifts of meat, diesel wood and coal. Kept me fed, warm and able to see family. Naughty me.

I wonder if any of these people realise how much of their 'stuff' is derived from oil?

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“Climate Hoax” cost me $37,000 for Hurricane Ida...!

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Because natural disasters never happened before oil.

And the climate never used to change...

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If you live in Florida for any length of time, you will inevitably experience a hurricane. That is not new.

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