Concerning the cost of higher education: I went to medical school at the University of Utah in the late 1970s. I was a resident of Utah. I remember tuition for one year of medical school was $900. I repeat: $900. I thought the education was excellent with many professors being the best in their fields of research. What has happened to our educational system? A would like a good economist to tell me what really has been going on...

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What are bookmakers' odds on the Democrats winning the 2024 election?


The 2024 presidential election is already generating significant interest among bettors. Here are the current odds from various sources:

Donald Trump: Former President Trump is the election betting favorite at most sportsbooks, with odds around +110 to win the presidency again.

Joe Biden: Incumbent President Biden has odds around +120 to earn a second term.

Michelle Obama: The former First Lady is also in the mix with odds around +2500.

Robert Kennedy Jr.: He’s a long shot with odds around +1800.

Other contenders include Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, and Nikki Haley14.

Remember that these odds can change rapidly based on various factors, so it’s essential to stay informed if you’re considering placing bets.

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