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How To Spot a PsyOp


Controlling the narrative is the key to controlling the people.

Why fight the population to accept restrictions on their freedom when you can get them to demand the same destructive policies?

That’s why we’re surrounded by “influence campaigns” designed to shape your ideas, attitudes, and behaviors. Compliance is the ultimate goal.

If nothing else - the last few years prove that these influence operations are extremely effective.

You can be smart and rational and can still fall victim to these operations. Us too. Nobody is immune.

In this workshop for Casey Phyle members, we'll give show you how you can identify these influence campaigns. And help you defend yourself against them.

Once you see how easily it’s done, you’ll understand why so many people walk around like they’re under a spell. Most importantly, you’ll start to recognize your own weaknesses. (Yes, you have them). And you’ll see how your strings are being pulled right now.

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